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Choose the best answer (20 pts)
1. My brother is artist.
2. I am sorry, I didn’t finish homework.
3. This is not his car. It is .
4. I just have questions.
5. Are you now?
6. That was book I’ve ever read.
7. I work .
8. It is I expected.
9. Can I have coffee?
10. I didn’t see leaving the building.
11. This shirt is mine is yours.
12. My watch slow.
13. It is 5 p.m. now. I my mother at 8 this evening.
14. The phone is ringing. answer it.
15. Why to change the date?
16. Paris?
17.How long him?
18. The school last year.
19. Who the letter you have received in your mail?
20. What did he you?

Choose the correct sentence. – (4 pts)

Fill in the text with prepositions in, to, up, on, at, for. (13 pts)
John lives London. Since he was a child, he has been interested studying languages. When he attended grammar school, he took French, so he has been studying French five years. He has been France several times. He usually stays his aunt’s. She teaches university. They live a small house the suburb, so John has to get early to get downtown. And Saturdays and Sundays they usually go their cottage mountains.

Choose the best answer (7 pts)
38. In her first year of business, my aunt came more problems than she had expected.
39. If you don’t pay your phone bill, you will be cut .
40. Mary Brown doesn’t like computers and .
41. There are two books on the shelf but of them is interesting.
42. There are five books on the shelf but I have read of them.
43. I am after a long day.
44. I am very tired after an day.

Finish the second sentence without changing the meaning of the first one. – (10 pts)
45. There was little I could do to help her. - There wasn't ___
anything I could do to help her.
nothing I could do to help her.
much I could do to help her.
(2 body)

46. "More wine?" the smiling waiter asked us. - The smiling waiter ____
asked us if we want more wine.
said us if we wanted more wine.
asked us if we wanted more wine.
(2 body)

47. John didn't go to that school because his parents moved to London. - If___
John’s parents hadn’t moved to London, he would have gone to that school.
John’s parents move to London, he would have gone to that school.
John’s parents wouldn’t moved to London, he would go to that school.
(2 body)

48. A lot of people were attracted to Prime Minister's proposals. - A lot of people found ___
Prime Minister’s proposals attractive.
attractive proposals of Prime Minister.
Prime Minister’s attractive proposals.
(2 body)

49. It's a pity that I haven't got my exam results. - If only ____
I will have my exam results.
I can see my exam results.
I had my exam results.
(2 body)

Fill in the gerund (-ing form) or infinitive of the verbs in brackets. (4 pts)
50. I know John was at the party, but I don’t remember (talk) to him.
51. On her way home, my mother stopped (pick up) a few things in a supermarket. 52. Most teachers don’t appreciate their student’s (copy) each other’s homework. 53. Today, many people consider Indira Ghandi (be) a great leader.

Complete the following sentences with words derived from the word
given in the brackets. (14 pts)
The cause of indoor pollution (differ) from area to area. One reason for the (differ) is that people heat their homes (differ). People in some areas burn wood, in other areas they use something (differ).

The (know) of a foreign language is an (important) part of our (educate). A person cannot be considered truly (educate) if he or she (know) only one language. Nevertheless, the (important) of learning languages is often underestimated. English is one of the most commonly used languages in international (communicate). Some speakers of English mistakenly argue that it is not (important) for them to (know) another language for (communicate) purposes.

Choose the best option (11 pts)
Charles Walker is a teacher at a comprehensive school in Norwich. He the staff of the school in 1998 and there ever since. Before to Norwich, he taught in Italy and Wales, and before that he a student at Cambridge University. So far he in Norwich for as long as he was in Wales, but he likes the city a lot and like to stay there for at least another two years, or, he puts it, until his two children grown up a bit. He met his wife, Kate, in 1992 while he abroad for a while, and they got married in 1996. Their two children, Mark and Susan, both born in Norwich. The Walker’s boy, is five, has just started school.

Choose the best answer. (4 pts)
John’s coming to see you,?
I think I am expected to pick him up,?
It’s been a long time since you’ve seen him, ?
Let’s go to the cinema,?

Write British expressions for these American words (6 pts)
83. elevator   
84. sidewalk    
85. apartment
86. vacation    
87. pants         
88. parking lot 

Change the American spelling for the British (3 pts)
89. traveling
90. center     
91. favorite   

Match these sentences (4 pts)
How do you do.
I’m getting married.
It’s my birthday today.

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